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Manchester Manufacturer Gets Free Solar Panels From £1Billion Fund

Trolex Ltd Receives Cost-Free Solar Panels From Electron Green Funding

  • New solar installation projected to save Trolex Ltd £200,000 over 25 years.
  • Electron Green’s new funding package of up to £1 billion will help them to reach Net Zero targets.

Manchester, UK, 23 November 2023

Trolex Ltd is investing in renewable energy and benefiting from solar energy provider Electron Green’s announcement of up to £1billion.  The funding is allowing them to install solar panels cost-free on their headquarters, in a push to slash energy bills and move towards their net-zero targets.  

As a safety equipment manufacturing company with global reach, Trolex has suffered from high energy bills over the last couple of years. They decided to connect to solar for environmental reasons and to save money, opting for free solar installation with free maintenance,  and paying a fixed rate per kWh for the electricity with no inflation. This cuts over 20% off what they are currently paying for electricity from their utility company. Trolex will be gifted the solar system at the end of their contract and, at that point, they will have saved an estimated £200,000.  The system will continue to operate and produce 100% free electricity. Electron Green has launched this funding to support UK businesses at a time when energy bills are escalating – and UK electricity usage is projected to increase by 56% from 2020 to 2036. 

Projected Benefits to Trolex

  • Year 1 Generation of energy: 47,000kWh.
  • Year 1 Projected Savings: £4,000.
  • The solar electricity from Electron Green will be more than 20% cheaper than they are currently paying, and it will be inflation-free for 25 years. 
  • Total Projected Savings in 25 years: almost £200,000 (based on their previous rate which was 33p/kWh).
  • Total Carbon Savings in 25 years: 298 tonnes, equivalent to 4,927 trees planted.
  • Grid Electricity: projected 34% reduction.

Mike Hall, Facilities Site Manager at Trolex, Says 

“We are a successful and established safety equipment manufacturing business with over 100 staff at our headquarters in Stockport.  Our business is incredibly energy intensive and we have consequently seen a huge rise in our energy bills over the last three years.  It made sense to us to have renewable energy and Electron Green’s free solar installation and management package provides us with certainty about long-term, future energy expenditure, so we can invest in strategic planning with greater confidence. We are delighted that we will be saving 298 tonnes of carbon over 25 years by switching to renewable energy.  That is equivalent to planting 4,927 trees.  The projected cost savings are also particularly attractive at a time when we – and indeed almost every British business – are facing such challenging conditions.” 

Daniel Green, CEO and Founder of Electron Green, Says

“We are delighted to be working with an established company like Trolex which has taken advantage of our funding programme of up to £1 bn to help with installation and management of their future energy needs.  It is established businesses like Trolex who form the backbone of our manufacturing sector and who are so economically valuable to the UK economy.  We’re delighted to be helping them manage their energy usage with more certainty too. 

“Our model gives UK businesses more control over how they manage and pay for power, and an easy way to have low-cost green solar electricity. Ultimately, net-zero targets aren’t going away, and we will continue to see a fall in fossil fuels and an increase in demand for cleaner electricity.  Businesses need the confidence that there is capacity to match greater demand and flexibility about how they can pay for it. We’re here, with our funding programme, to solve this problem” 

Electron Green’s New Funding of up To £1Billion

Leading solar developer, Electron Green, works with businesses to assess their commercial rooftops for solar, calculate cost savings, install and maintain the panels at no cost to the business hosting them, and supply low-cost solar electricity. 

2023 research by the UCL Energy Institute for CPRE, the countryside charity, showed that retrofitting solar to non-domestic rooftops in England alone could meet over half the UK’s solar target for 2035. 

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