About Electron Green

Our Philosophy

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‘If not me, who; if not now, when?’

The answer is us, and now. In Europe, 25% of electricity needs could be met by rooftop solar alone. In the UK, less than 1% of commercial and industrial rooftops have solar. To put that in perspective, this is only 1% of a total of 250,000 hectares of south facing roof, which could be generating 500GW of solar PV. This is mammoth given the UK Government aims to expand to 70GW of solar power, from where it stands at 14GW, by 2035.


Management Team

  • Daniel Green

    Chief Executive Officer

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    Daniel is a successful serial entrepreneur, known for conceiving and scaling profitable businesses. Early in his career, he founded the breakthrough retail concept YouMeTV, which sold to BSkyB. It is Daniel’s vision and customer focus which have driven the team’s success with HomeSun’s residential solar programme and then FlowGem, an IoT water leak detector sold to Centrica as part of the Hive proposition. Daniel is also a Crown Representative, working through the Cabinet Office to advise the UK Government.

  • Gordon Kuper

    Chief Financial Officer

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    Gordon has over 25 years in premier financial markets firms including 16 years with Goldman Sachs as Trustee of the UK Retirement Plan, Member of Pension Investment Committee and Finance Committee, and Co-Head of EMEA Equity and Fund Derivatives Institutional Structuring. As CEO of Nomisma, he successfully led engagement with the European Regulator to be granted the first digital Asset Multilateral Trading Facility license in Europe.

  • Bill Sneyd

    Chief Commercial Officer

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    In early 2000, Bill invented the CarbonNeutral Protocol, and brought together global interests – NGOs, carbon traders, academic and politicians – with one of the first international standards for voluntary carbon. A qualified engineer and INSEAD MBA, Bill’s decade with the CarbonNeutral Company was preceded by field experience at Shell in the USA and mainland Europe. As co-founder of HomeSun, Bill led the creation of the first ‘air space’ leases and the complex set of documents, insurances and certifications required for all stakeholders and every installed solar asset.

  • Amit Oza

    Business Development Director

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    Amit has had a lifelong career developing and financing solar and energy storage projects. His experience ranges from market entry stage propositions through to multi MW deployment in C&I and utility scale projects. As Head of Battery Sales for RWE’s solar business, Belectric, and Chief Commercial Officer for Push Energy, his clients were some of the early adopters of scaled renewable energy. His role at Electron Green is to build greater scale into these programmes.

  • Tom Hargreave

    Programme Delivery Director

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    Tom’s 18 years in the British Army, culminated in command of a £1.3 billion Apache helicopter unit; a 560-strong organisation conducting combat operations in Libya and Afghanistan. Since moving into the commercial world, he has been BP Project Manager on gas pipeline and facilities projects in Eastern Europe, including a $915m compressor station in Georgia. Most recently, Tom brought the rigor of oil and gas construction processes to running major solar programmes for national and international corporates.

  • Sue Welland

    Chief Marketing Officer

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    Ecopreneur Sue Welland invented CarbonNeutral in the early 90s and founded the world-leading climate solutions business now known as Natural Capital Partners. From her early career running the global marketing function of British Airways, through to present day, Sue’s exceptional skill is communication and brand building, motivating and engaging both business and consumer clients. Sue left CarbonNeutral in 2010 to launch HomeSun with Bill Sneyd and Daniel Green and has worked with them and in commercial sustainability ever since.

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Who we are working with

Our History

The Electron Green team has led the market for tackling carbon emissions for over three decades – from creating the CarbonNeutral brand in the early 1990s, to inventing the first air space leases with HomeSun and installing free solar PV.  This programme completely transformed the residential market; thousands and thousands of homeowners across the UK could at last have renewable energy generated from their rooftops.

We are now on a mission to cut energy prices and carbon emissions through a new and unique solar electricity partnership.

Millions of square meters of empty commercial and industrial rooftops should be generating low-cost electricity for businesses, every minute of every daylight hour. Progress is obstructed by installation costs and the complex structure of ownership with property management companies, landlords, and tenants.

There is too much standing in the way, and we are determined to bring about change.

We take away the barriers of cost, skill set, time, and the obstructions between tenants and landlords, using decades of expertise to lead the transition to switch on solar.

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Part of the Electron Green Group HomeSun

At the Electron Green Group, we are proudly extending our expert solar services to your home. With HomeSun, say hello to our new all-inclusive SolarService.

Trying to keep a lid on energy costs is difficult. HomeSun is committed to doing what they are known best for: lighting up homes across the UK, with rooftop solar to cut electricity bills and protect the planet.

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Supply Chain

The United Nations Global Compact states that ‘We believe a company’s entire supply chain can make a significant impact in promoting human rights, fair labour practices, environmental development, and anti-corruption policies.’

At Electron Green, we are driving the change towards sustainable supply chains in the solar Industry. From strategy development to operational delivery, sustainability is the heart of our business.

One of the biggest challenges to improving a company’s sustainability performance is the lack of visibility of second or third tier suppliers in the supply chain. We work closely and continuously with our Supply Partners to ensure each level of the supply chain delivers against their fundamental responsibilities. Using emerging data and insights we set ambitious sustainability goals, giving our clients transparency and confidence in our green energy solutions.

and Policy

We are a proud and active member of award-winning SolarPower Europe, a key link between European policymakers and the solar PV value chain, on a mission to ensure solar becomes a leading energy source by 2030.

As the solar sector stands on the precipice of unprecedented expansion, SolarPower Europe works to create the best regulatory and business environment to expand solar to the next level. They work with dedicated policy experts to positively influences legislation impacting solar development.

Our partnership with SolarPower’s head office in Brussels ensures a strong relationship with key stakeholders in European strategy and strengthens our expanding EU operations.