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Electron Green’s solar asset manager (or ‘SAM’) gives a customisable and unique dashboard experience which allows our clients to see how their solar systems are performing – the electricity being generated, being used on-site and being exported to the grid.

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For multi-site clients

You will see all your solar assets across your portfolio(s) in one place and recorded in the same way. You have options to drill down into the detail and assess the financial value of solar to tenants and their electricity bills.

Help to make better decisions

Reduce portfolio risk

Standardise reporting

Maintain centralised control

Share knowledge across your company

Create a readymade data room

For single-site clients

Use our software to see exactly what is happening with your panels and the electricity generated. Saving illustrations show you the financial benefit of using the solar electricity we generate vs. consuming 100% of your electricity from the grid.

Monitor solar generation

Measure self-consumption

Optimise usage

Improve property value

Stats for reporting

Keep control

  • Visualising solar profiles

    We have deliberately designed SAM to provide uncomplicated solar information at the click of a button. This includes usage views as bar graphs and more detailed dial-ups of exact kWh used and exported, along with savings.

  • Consumption data

    We stream live data from your solar systems into SAM. You are able to see the solar electricity consumed and exported to the grid, at a building and asset level.

  • Clarity

    SAM can store and display information about solar assets installed as well as those in the pipeline. This allows you to project your investments and carbon savings against targets.

  • Easy access displays

    SAM records key information of value to you, including individual building listings that may be part of a single asset. You will be able to understand the solar potential of your whole portfolio.

  • Readymade data room

    It’s difficult for building owners to keep track of all the documents associated with their property and equipment. SAM records – in one single location - everything related to your solar installation including initial designs, survey reports and commissioning certifications.

Net Zero Targets

Governments and corporations around the world continue to set stretching low carbon targets, and there is increased evidence of smart businesses anticipating increased regulation by making changes to the way they operate, now.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) calls solar ‘the new king’ of electricity. It is fast to deploy, does not disrupt business as usual, and delivers big cuts to carbon emissions. It’s also highly visible, confirming a commitment to positive environmental action, and encouraging others to follow suit.


With Electron Green, there is every reason to switch on solar today.

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