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Electron Green’s consultants guide businesses through the commercial and technical decisions needed to deliver maximum value from renewable energy, from long-term ESG planning to specialist engineering and regulation expertise for on-site solar development.  

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Local Regulation Expertise

Country-specific knowledge in building ownership, tax, regulation and incentives, and a comprehensive understanding of effects on solar rollout programs.

On the Ground Expertise

Staff based in multiple European countries have detailed local knowledge and a network of established relationships with installers and regulators.

Business Model

Unlike other solar providers, we have no demands for ownership structures, meaning that we can offer impartial and expert advice to meet client-specific requirements.


Track record in implementing work to investment grade standards using consistent methodology which enables property assets to be transacted as a portfolio.

Project Management

Our pan-European programs deliver long-term success and maximum value, from system commissioning to local follow-through, ensuring quality at every level.

Optimised Teams

We assign experts from our team which best match the skill set required by the specific business, as well as the scope of the project, and the market(s) in which the program will operate.

Solar value for property

Large property investors are increasingly recognising that the business landscape is changing when it comes to energy. Governments are enforcing rigorous decarbonisation measures and requiring improved efficiency ratings on commercial buildings, while landlords make strong ESG commitments to renewable energy, and tenants look for lower cost and more reliable electricity providers. At the same time, demand for electricity will escalate due to process automation and the electrification of transport. Meeting these needs is often not within the expertise of property owners. They recognise that an impartial expert is necessary to transition to greener energy and stay ahead of changing regulations.

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  • Sustainability and building valuation

    There is a growing body of evidence indicating the impact sustainability can have on property value.

    In the US, for example, Nereit - the representative body for REITs - has published data showing that green certified buildings can translate into a 31% increase in sales value, 23% higher occupancy rates and an 8% increase in rental income. Elsewhere in the world, Knight Frank has surveyed the impact of green ratings on sale value for offices in London, Sydney, and Melbourne, finding an 8-18% price premium for green-rated offices above those with no sustainability certification and, in London, 13% premium on rent for BREEAM ‘outstanding’ and ‘excellent’ rated properties.

    Solar can play a significant role here in two key ways. First, using on-site solar electricity cuts carbon emissions and will produce a better sustainability rating for the building. Secondly, there is an opportunity to directly monetise the square metres of the roof by charging tenants for electricity.

End-to-end solar service

Because we are a developer ourselves with our own PV projects, we have deep and practical experience of all elements of the process. And it is with this background that we offer consulting on one or more specific aspects of your project.

  • Advisory & Strategy

    Portfolio prioritisation

    Business model evaluation / optimisation

    Financial analysis

  • Due diligence

    Technical site assessment

    Data room review

    Commercial performance assessment

  • Project Management

    Solar design

    Installer tender management

    Installation to Quality Standard

  • Ongoing Maintenance

    Visualisation of solar performance

    Reporting and benchmarking

    Management of O&M contracts

Net Zero Targets

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Governments and corporations around the world continue to set stretching low carbon targets, and there is increased evidence of smart businesses anticipating increased regulation by making changes to the way they operate, now.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) calls solar ‘the new king’ of electricity. It is fast to deploy, does not disrupt business as usual, and delivers big cuts to carbon emissions. It’s also highly visible, confirming a commitment to positive environmental action, and encouraging others to follow suit.


With Electron Green, there is every reason to switch on solar today.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

We currently provide consulting services for a pan-European logistics business with 15 million m2 of property, enabling them to deliver on their target of 250MW of solar by 2030. Working as their partner, we prioritise the company’s portfolio, assisting the central ESG team to define their Solar Playbook and operating with individual asset managers to design and deliver solar on their buildings. We have ongoing responsibility for solar asset management and act on an Engineering Procurement and Construction basis, supporting the AM at every stage of the process, from discussions with tenants to Internal Investment Committee submission

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Case Study 2

We are working with the German division of one of the largest industrial and warehouse operators in the world. We have provided end-to-end support in developing large-scale rooftop solar systems: supporting applications to Germany’s state auction process, assessing, and selecting instillation partners, advising on the sell-in of solar benefits to tenants, and establishing Power Purchase Agreement structures. Electron Green is also providing building owners with engineer services during commissioning and construction.

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