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How Solar From Electron Green Works


If you want to purchase a solar system, Electron Green will price-match the installation on a like-for-like basis. An alternative is having a free solar system from us. Here we will install a solar system on your roof, free of charge. You will pay Electron Green for the solar electricity generated at a price lower than the cost of grid electricity, covering up to 40% of your electricity needs. At the end of the solar electricity contract, Electron Green gifts you the PV system.

Whether free or purchased, the building remains connected to the grid, guaranteeing that all your electricity needs are met.

How it works:

Solar Panels

Sunlight hits the solar panels, also known as photovoltaic cells, during daylight hours. The electrons inside the cell are activated which causes an electric current.

As the cells are activated by light and not heat, electricity will still be generated during rainy or cloudy days. Sunlight can also penetrate through snow, and the tilted angle of the panels will prevent build-up. The most electricity will be generated on long, sunny days, rather than shorter days in winter, although the cells do work optimally at a lower temperature.


The electricity generated in the solar panels will be an alternating current (AC), which travels by wire to an inverter, or inverters, located in the building. The inverters change the electricity into a direct current (DC), which is how it will power the building. As well as passing through the inverter it will pass through a meter to measure the amount of electricity produced by solar.

Distribution Board

The direct current generated by solar will pass through to a distribution board where it is directed to the necessary appliances, exactly as electricity from the grid would be. You will pay Electron Green for the solar electricity used at a price below the price of grid electricity. The building will draw on this solar electricity first before turning to the grid.

The short distance between the solar panels and the distribution board means that energy is not lost in transmission, making the solar more effective and lower cost. As electricity travels a long distance from the grid to your building, there is increased transmission losses, which has become increasingly expensive as the cost of standard electricity has increased by 269% since 2007, according to the CPI (UK). With Electron Green the cost of your electricity could decrease by up to 50% for businesses with over 1000m2 of roof space.

The Grid

Any surplus electricity generated by the solar panels will go from the distribution board to the grid. If the solar panels cannot meet the demand for electricity at any time, electricity from the grid will automatically be used. This is why you do not need to change your existing utility plan, instead you will simply lower your bills while remaining connected to the grid.

Instead of taking electricity from the grid, a solar battery can also be installed, which stores surplus electricity to be discharged when needed, for example during the evening on short winter days.

Electron Green has pledged to spend up to £1 Billion providing businesses with rooftop solar panels and low-cost electricity, kickstarting the process with zero costs to your business.

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