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The Importance of Energy Efficiency For Your Business

Solar panels installation on rooftop, ideal for any renewable article or wallpaper

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to business – energy efficiency being one of them. Establishing an energy-efficient business can often feel like an impossible task and there are various reasons for this. To start, energy efficiency does not occur overnight. It can take months for businesses to see a decrease in their energy usage, and even longer to see a return on investment.

Though despite its challenges, there is a range of benefits that energy efficiency can offer businesses. Here we’ll cover what exactly energy efficiency is and how your UK business can take advantage of it to benefit both the business, your finances, and the environment.

What Is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency simply means using less energy when performing the same tasks to eliminate energy waste. The most common ways of increasing energy efficiency are to change habits and behaviours and put better systems into place. For instance, you could buy products that help you use your energy in a more efficient method.

Energy efficiency is said to be one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to help combat climate change and reduce energy costs. Therefore, for businesses in particular, energy efficiency is certainly worth looking into.

How Can Energy Efficiency Help UK Businesses?

Energy is a natural cost of conducting business with light, heating, and running machinery typically being required on a daily basis in a commercial or industrial setting. Yet there are several benefits of improving the efficiency of your business’s energy consumption. Take a look at the advantages of energy efficiency outlined below.

Reduced Operating Costs

Improving your business energy efficiency can save your company significant amounts of money. In the past, energy was perceived as an uncontrollable cost. But in more recent times, more and more companies are understanding that energy usage is controllable and can directly impact your finances.

There are, of course, initial costs involved in making your space more energy efficient, but in the long term, your energy consumption will reduce, leaving you with more money to invest back into your business. The cost of eco-friendly energy installations such as solar panels has dropped over the years, enabling businesses of any size to take advantage of more sustainable energy options.

Improved Brand Image

Financial benefits are not the only advantage of energy efficiency. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, opting for energy-efficient systems can enhance your business reputation and draw customers to your brand. Studies have shown that approximately a third of consumers are now choosing the brands they buy from based on their social or environmental good. As a result, many big names have adopted energy efficiency and sustainable methods in the hopes to attract a wider demographic. Though be careful to avoid Greenwashing as this can hinder your business reputation and deter customers in the future.

Better Working Conditions

Energy efficiency not only offers commercial and financial gain, but it can also provide health benefits for your team through improved building insulation, optimised electrical equipment, ideal heating and cooling systems, and better lighting.

If you and your team are exposed to an extended period of cold it can trigger numerous diseases. Likewise, overheating can trigger dehydration. By maintaining good indoor conditions which are within the recommended parameters, you can ensure your employees are working at their best and are safe from any harmful toxins.

Help With Regulatory Compliance

The UK government has passed laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. Businesses account for approximately 18% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the UK, meaning that in order to meet this target, all UK businesses will need to bring their greenhouse gas emissions to net zero within 25 years. The government has therefore begun encouraging organisations to improve energy efficiency. By taking action sooner rather than later, you can ensure that your business is on track to be net zero by 2050 and avoid significant last-minute changes to your commercial or industrial building.

How Can My Business Become Energy Efficient?

One of the easiest ways to become energy efficient is to install sustainable energy sources. At Electron Green, we specialise in solar panels for commercial and industrial buildings across the UK. One of the great things about solar energy is that within 15 seconds, the sun produces as much energy as humanity uses in a day. Opting for a solar energy source therefore comes with a range of benefits including lower costs, more power, and a more energy-efficient business.

To find out how to install free solar systems on your commercial or industrial rooftop, get in touch with the team today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss our solar programme.

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