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Knight Frank Investment Management partners with Electron Green

Knight Frank Investment Management

…to spearhead commercial solar drive

London, UK, June 2023: Electron Green, the UK’s commercial solar leader, is today announcing a partnership with Knight Frank Investment Management (KFIM), the specialist real estate investment management firm, to lead rooftop solar charge – bringing low cost solar electricity to its commercial tenants.

Traditionally, there’s been a disconnect between landlords and tenants around FRI (full repair and insurance) leases and contract lengths – who benefits from the solar, and who bears the cost of installation. This has created a stalemate where less than 1% of UK commercial roofs have solar. 

KFIM is changing this by paying for solar PV and partnering with Electron Green to install and manage the whole solar programme for KFIM, including discussions with tenants. 

KFIM, which manages around £4bn of assets in the UK and internationally, recognises the climate emergency and the role it can play in leading the sector on a greener more sustainable path. As over 80% of commercial properties in the UK will need to be modified in the next 10 years to remain compliant with upcoming energy rules; non-residential properties are already required to have an EPC rating of at least E, but this is increasing to C in 2027.

Landlords with properties which do not meet the new energy standards are at risk of, not just losing out on the green premium that comes with sustainable buildings but also, ending up virtually unlettable. As increasingly ESG-first businesses will be reticent to rent them – having a significant impact on the value of the assets.

By partnering, KFIM will be able to remain EPC compliant and continue letting their properties to businesses that can benefit from cheap solar, without them needing to shoulder the time, cost and expertise burden.

Oliver Donaldson at KFIM comments, “We take an active approach to our sustainability responsibilities and this partnership will help us continue integrating our ESG values across our business and the assets we own. With Electron Green, our tenants can access low cost clean and green electricity without any upfront capital investment in the solar panels or the hassle of maintaining the solar PV panels.”

Daniel Green, CEO of Electron Green comments, “KFIM are a great example of an ‘enlightened landlord’, who is taking active steps to ensure its properties remain EPC compliant. Businesses that rent space in KFIM’s investment portfolio will be able to access low-cost solar without having to worry about installation and maintenance costs. We are at the tipping point. UK commercial landlords need to act now if they want to avoid having unlettable properties as part of their portfolio of assets. 

“The commercial property market has only scratched the surface of solar electricity, with just 1% of rooftops being adequately utilised. With current corporate and national net zero goals, this number is shocking. We are excited to work with KFIM to bring this number up.”

About Electron Green

Electron Green provides a unique and simple route to low-cost solar electricity for businesses across Europe. They provide a partnership and business model that makes a big difference to the bottom line without disrupting business or existing energy contracts.  

In the UK alone, only 1% of commercial and industrial rooftops have solar. Yet the benefits are huge: reductions in carbon emissions, EPC improvement and sustainability value, and – especially in today’s economic climate – big savings in electricity costs.

The Electron Green team has years of expert experience in renewable energy, having previously built a portfolio of over 7,000 rooftop solar assets on residential properties, becoming the UK’s largest solar business in the UK in just two years.  Now, they are on a mission to save business money and inspire the nation to switch on solar.

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