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Building Owner Occupiers are under pressure – here’s how solar can help

Building Owner Occupiers are under pressure - here's how solar can help

If you’re a business operating in the UK, you’re likely aware that change has become the constant norm in recent years. With political turbulence and economic uncertainty, there is significant pressure to reassess strategies and reduce costs.

Adding impetus is the Net Zero target laid out by the British Government, as well as the need for properties to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E or above. The need to comply will escalate in 2027 and 2030, with the minimum rating set to increase. Failure to meet this regulation could incur steep fines of up to £150,000 at a time when financial pressures are stacking up fast.

So – what’s to be done, and where can your business make tangible savings to help navigate the ongoing storm?

A new way to supercharge with Solar PV

Solar energy should be a priority on your shopping list, whether you decide to purchase it or benefit from the new Free Solar business models spearheaded by Electron Green. While wholesale energy prices have fallen from their 2022 peaks, the overall trend is that bills have been consistently rising in the last ten years. Solar has been around for a long time – it’s tried and tested technology which is rapid to deploy, can cut your carbon footprint significantly, and increase your EPC ratings by over two levels. A PV system will clearly help to protect your business from ongoing cost and supply volatility, giving you a measure of energy independence. Further, rooftop solar gives you something ‘deep green’; a traceable source of supply with none of the transmission losses associated with the grid.

All is well and good.

The elephant in the room is the upfront cost of a solar system, as well as the ongoing maintenance costs. Additionally, most companies do not have someone within the business who is an expert on solar – how do you know you are specifying the right system? Most installation companies are focused on just that – installing a solar system. and that is the end of their project, How do you know it is the right size for your business?

Free, simple, and clean

Electron Green works with property owners of all sizes including some of the biggest in the world on their portfolios across Europe.

For some clients with capital investment, we are their ‘right-hand partner’ for solar, handling strategy, due diligence, specification, and full project management of solar installations.

The other part of our work is installing our own fully funded rooftop solar PV systems and supplying low-cost solar electricity to the occupants. Solar gives the same improvement in ‘green’ property value for the owner but without any of the upfront capital costs. Electron Green handles everything free of charge – from the initial evaluation and survey of the building to the installation of PV panels and long-term maintenance. The only payment is the supply of low-cost solar electricity at a fixed price with no inflation. It could cut your electricity price by 50%. 

If, part way through the contract, you want to change your mind and fund the solar yourself, you can buy the system from Electron Green.

The additional benefit is that there is no need to change any existing contracts with a utility supplier: it is just that lower-cost solar electricity will be used first before more expensive electricity from the grid is drawn automatically by the building.

“The joy of solar as a technology is its simplicity. But that doesn’t ensure plain sailing if you don’t plan well. A full-service approach, from first technical assessment through to design, installation, and aftercare, massively reduces the risk of costly mistakes or oversights.”


Tom Hargreave, Delivery Director for Electron Green

Real benefits, reduced pressure

With increased financial and regulatory pressures, solar provides a bigger, long-term solution rather than just small fixes and adjustments. Electron Green can help you optimise the value of your building, cut your electricity costs, and deliver against ESG targets.

Implementing on-site solar is essentially like attaching an asset to an asset, complementing your property. Ensuring that it is correctly specified and properly installed is important to avoid risks down the line, but the responsibility won’t fall on your shoulders or exhaust already stretched resources – that’s what Electron Green is for.

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