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Commercial Solar Panels For UK Bakeries

Local businesses across the UK could be benefitting from solar panels to decrease their energy bills and carbon emissions. Bakeries, both small local businesses and larger-scale franchises, are no exception to this. If you own or manage a bakery in the UK, you could be benefitting from solar energy and reduce your energy bills despite electricity prices continuing to rise.

Can Solar Panels Be Installed On Bakeries?

Solar panels can be installed on the roofs of commercial buildings such as bakeries, and it doesn’t need to be difficult. Even in dense urban areas, rooftops provide an under-appreciated space for solar panel systems, which can provide energy for tenants, landlords, and owner-occupiers. At Electron Green, we are singular in navigating any local regulation to install solar panels on the roofs of buildings, as we have done with our years of experience in installing solar panels on residential properties.

For larger buildings with more space, such as storage facilities or car parks, solar panels can be even easier. Flat low roofs provide the optimal space for efficient solar panel systems which can generate renewable energy for the baking process, refrigeration, packaging, or transport.

How Do Solar Panels On Bakeries Work?

While daylight reaches the panels, the solar PV system will continuously supply electricity. Depending on when and how much energy you use, solar can meet up to 40% of your electricity needs.

Our solar PV system will deliver electricity directly into your building. Your business will use the low-cost electricity generated by the solar panels first while staying connected to the grid, so there’s no need to change your existing utility supplier. The cost of your electricity supply from a utility company is comprised of two elements, broadly split as raw electricity (‘commodity price’) and levies, taxes, and transmission (‘ non-commodity price’). With the electricity supply from the roof, there is only the raw electricity to consider.

In Cornwall, a bakery has already been making it work – Fiona Cairn’s cake business has installed 4,500 square feet of solar panels.

Benefits of Solar Powered Commercial Buildings

Solar power comes with a number of advantages that commercial building owners should be aware of. From reduced carbon emissions to energy independence and more affordable energy rates, there is a lot to love about solar PV systems.

Reduces Carbon Emissions

Consumers and businesses are increasingly looking to make sustainable choices. Bakeries have already been playing a role, providing vegan options, achieving RSPO (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil) certification by achieving sustainability targets and using local produce. Solar panels are a tangible and visible demonstration to your local community that your business is reducing its carbon emissions. Solar panels provide clean renewable energy which reduces your impact on the environment as electricity in the UK largely comes from fossil fuels.

Energy Independence

With solar panels, your bakery can independently and sustainably provide some of its own energy. In becoming less dependent on the grid, your business is protected from any disruptions or fluctuations in energy provision.

Affordable Rates

Solar panels can bring down your energy bills. Electron Green offers to completely fund your solar panel installation with our Free Solar Offer, and supply you with solar at a low, low price (we want you to switch on solar).

Are Solar Panels Cost Effective?

Electron Green offers a free or paid-for solar model.

Electron Green offers to completely fund the installation of solar panels on your commercial business, which makes it difficult not to see this as cost-effective for any size of business. Our aim is to take down the barriers of up-front costs which prevent local businesses like artisan bakeries from benefitting from renewable energy. We are investing up to £1 billion to install commercial solar panels and supply you with low-cost electricity (20p/kWh as of July 2023).  Electron Green also takes care of all the time-consuming paperwork and logistics, taking the burden off your shoulders.

If you know you wish to purchase your own solar panels from day 1, we will match any offers of solar installation you receive on a like-for-like basis, so you know you are getting the best deal. While solar panels can be expensive, they yield substantial long-term benefits, meaning they generate a good return on investment. Solar Panels are likely to last for twenty-five years if not longer, and our regular maintenance ensures they continue to work at their best capacity.

How To Install Solar Panels On UK Bakeries

After an initial consultation about your needs and budget, our experts will carry out a site assessment to evaluate your building’s roof space. They will consider orientation, tilt, shading and structural integrity. For smaller businesses, they will not always recommend filling the roof with panels but only recommend the system that would suit your specific energy consumption. For tenants and multi-use properties, our team will take care of all the paperwork regulations, and our documentation will enable sustainable certification for a range of buildings. Our solar asset manager (SAM) also enables you to see clearly how your solar systems are performing on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Our skilled team of technicians will mount the panels onto the rooftop and suitable areas. Electron Green only receives payment when the solar panels start delivering electricity, meaning that our interests are completely aligned with yours, ensuring you receive the best possible service. After installation, our consultants remain on hand for all questions and our maintenance team ensures the panels are always working in top condition.

Why Work With Electron Green?

In the UK, only 1% of commercial and industrial rooftops have solar, and we believe every commercial building can benefit from generating sustainable solar energy. We are focused on taking down the barriers of time, expertise, and finance that are currently in the way. Our team of consultants and technicians work in close contact with your business to find the right solar solution to meet your individual needs.

To chat with our team about how solar could benefit your business, get in touch today.