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Solar Panels For UK Industrial Kitchens 

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Whether you own one unit or multiple properties and premises, such as industrial kitchens, you could be missing out on large cost savings by not utilising solar PV panels. With the help of Electron Green, businesses across the UK and Europe could be benefiting from solar energy to decrease energy bills and carbon emissions. Find out how to take advantage of solar energy today.

How Do Solar Panels Work For Industrial Kitchens?  

Solar panels can be installed on the roof of industrial kitchens which can provide your business with its own source of renewable energy. Mounting the system on a rooftop rarely needs a building permit which means that, with Electron Green, the installation process is simple and stress-free.  

Our solar PV system will deliver electricity directly into your building. Your business will use the low-cost electricity generated by the solar panels first, while staying connected to the grid, so there’s no need to change your existing utility supplier. 

While sunlight reaches the panels, the solar PV system will continuously supply electricity. Depending on when and how much energy you use, solar can meet up to 40% of your electricity needs and, whether you’re a 24/7 operation of a 9-5 weekday business, we design systems to meet diverse needs. 

What Are The Advantages Of Investing In Solar PV? 

By switching to solar PV, industrial kitchens can not only benefit from sustainable energy, but they can also save money on energy bills whilst having access to an independent energy source that does not rely on the national grid.

Sustainable Energy

Consumers are increasingly concerned whether the food they are consuming is coming from sustainable sources. Solar panels can provide renewable energy for the appliances, refrigeration systems and air conditioning needed in industrial kitchens. They are a tangible step to show that your business is environmentally conscious. 


By generating electricity on-site, your business can lower its energy bills and gain protection from rising energy costs. Solar panels have been shown to increase the value of your property and turn previously unused roof space into a productive asset. For tenants, landlords, and owner occupiers, Electron Green can consult, develop and install solar panel systems to suit you. 

Independent Energy  

Solar panel systems reduce your reliance on the grid. At times of peak electricity costs, you may be able to use solar energy instead, reducing your utility bills and protecting your business from rising electricity costs.  

How Are Solar Panels Installed?

 The process for installing solar panels is listed below:

How to Install Solar Panels on an Industrial Kitchen

To get solar panels installed on an industrial kitchen, we’ll need to ensure there is suitable space on your site and establish a solution that works for your operations. During installation, there should be minimal disruptions, allowing your team to continue working as usual.

Consultation & Site Assessment

The Electron Green team will begin by conducting an initial consultation to understand your kitchen’s energy needs, goals, and budget. This helps us design a customised solar solution that aligns with your specific requirements. Our experts then conduct a comprehensive site assessment to evaluate the suitability of your kitchen’s spaces for solar panel installations.

Solar System Design

Based on the site assessment, our engineers will then develop a detailed system design that specifies the optimal number of solar panels, inverters, and other components required for your kitchen. The design will ensure maximum energy generation and efficiency. We will also handle all necessary paperwork and permits required for the installation, leaving you to focus on your priorities as usual.


Our skilled technicians commence the installation process, mounting the solar panels on the kitchen’s rooftop or open areas. We prioritise quality and workmanship to ensure a durable and efficient solar PV system. After the panels are installed, our team connects the solar PV system to your kitchen’s electrical infrastructure to get things up and running.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Electron Green provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to ensure the long-term performance and efficiency of your solar PV system. Our monitoring systems track energy production, detect any issues or anomalies, and allow for timely maintenance to maximise the system’s lifespan and energy generation.

Is It Expensive To Install Solar Panels On Industrial Kitchens?  

With Electron Green, solar panel installation can be completely free. We are investing up to £1 Billion in providing solar panel systems for commercial and industrial buildings, to accelerate realising the potential of solar panels to provide renewable energy in the UK. This means that after your free-of-charge installation, you will benefit from on-site renewable energy which we supply at 20p/kWh (as of July 2023), below the grid price.   

If you wish to purchase your solar panels at the outset, we will match any offer you receive on a like-for-like basis. Or if you are unsure, you can buy the panels from us after benefitting from our Free Solar offer, which will become free to buy after 6 years of a contract with us.    

Why Choose Electron Green?  

Electron Green has over 30 years of experience in the renewable sector. After pioneering solar panels for residential buildings, we are turning our focus wholly to solar systems for commercial and industrial businesses. That means that we are not simply a solar panel company, but we understand the unique set of needs and challenges of each sector and each individual business, and we prioritise cost-effective renewable solutions.  

For more information on solar PV installation on industrial kitchens, get in touch with our team today, we are happy to answer any questions.  

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