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Solar Panels For The UK Glass Making Industry

glass making

Millions of square metres of industrial rooftops are going unused. Electron Green takes these empty spaces to generate value for you, the building, and the environment through installing solar panels.

The UK glass industry has been growing strongly, with factories based in the North, particularly around Yorkshire, manufacturing flat glass, container glass, and glass fibre. Factory rooftop and warehouse spaces are the ideal site for mounting solar panels to generate renewable energy and bring down energy bills, and with Electron Green, the installation process can be entirely free.

How Do Solar Panels Work For Glass Making Factories?

Our solar PV system will deliver electricity directly into your building. Your business will then use the low-cost electricity generated by the solar panels first, while staying connected to the grid, so there’s no need to change your existing utility supplier.

While daylight reaches the panels, the solar PV system will continuously supply electricity. Depending on when and how much energy you use, solar can meet up to 40% of your electricity needs. 

Which Spaces Are Best Suited For Solar Panels?

With large rooftop spaces, warehouses are particularly well-suited for solar PV. Most roofs don’t require planning permission (unlike ground-mount solar) and can be installed quickly.

It’s a common myth that flat roofs aren’t suitable for solar panels, but this isn’t true. While the ideal roof for solar panels has an angle of between 30 and 40 degrees, almost any roof space can still generate electricity effectively.

Mounting systems typically fix either into the roof sheets using sealed fixings, or for flat roofs using ballasts to hold the frames in place. The ballast weight is assessed to ensure the roof can support the additional weight.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Power For My Business?

Solar power is a truly beneficial energy solution that provides users with low-cost, environmentally conscious power. As a glass-making warehouse or factory owner, there are several benefits that solar power can offer:

Lower Energy Bills

By generating electricity on-site, solar panels can significantly lower their energy bills, protecting your bottom line from rising energy costs. This is particularly important in energy-intensive industries such as glass making that are highly exposed to energy price hikes. With Electron Green’s Free Solar Offer, you only have to pay for the electricity consumed at below grid price, as we provide all organisation, installation and maintenance free of charge.

Independent Energy

As solar panels are independent sources of electricity situated on your property, they provide an independent and resilient source of energy. They also provide an alternate source of energy during peak-price times for electricity, creating further savings.

Environmentally Conscious

Opting for a solar PV system will further demonstrate a commitment to sustainability which can enhance brand images and attract environmentally conscious consumers. Solar panels ultimately provide a reliable and cost-effective energy solution while promoting environmental responsibility.

How Do Electron Green Install Solar Panels? 

To get solar panels installed on a rooftop, we’ll need to ensure there is suitable space on your site and establish a solution that works for your operations. During installation, there should be minimal disruptions, allowing your team to continue business as usual.

Consultation & Site Assessment

The Electron Green team will begin by conducting an initial consultation to understand your energy needs, goals, and budget. This helps us design a customised solar solution that aligns with your specific requirements. Our experts then conduct a comprehensive site assessment to evaluate the suitability of your rooftop spaces for solar panel installations.

Solar System Design

Based on the site assessment, our engineers will then develop a detailed system design that specifies the optimal number of solar panels, inverters, and other components required for your rooftop. The design will ensure maximum energy generation and efficiency. We will also handle all necessary paperwork and permits required for the installation, leaving you to focus on your priorities as usual.


Our skilled technicians commence the installation process, mounting the solar panels on the rooftop or open areas. We prioritise quality and workmanship to ensure a durable and efficient solar PV system. After the panels are installed, our team connects the solar PV system to your electrical infrastructure to get things up and running.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Electron Green provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to ensure the long-term performance and efficiency of your solar PV system. Our monitoring systems track energy production, detect any issues or anomalies, and allow for timely maintenance to maximise the system’s lifespan and energy generation.

Are Solar Panels Cost-Effective?

Yes, solar panels are particularly cost-effective for both individuals and businesses alike. Plus, when working with Electron Green, our clients can benefit from our free solar offer as well as price-matching, making solar panel installation more accessible than ever.

Free Solar Offer

Electron Green is committed to taking down the up-front cost barriers to solar energy. We offer a fully funded model, paying for the solar PV system, installation, insurance, parts replacement, and maintenance. We are investing up to £1 Billion in this unique scheme, ensuring that you don’t pay a penny. Instead, we will supply you with clean solar energy at 20p\kWh (as of July 2023). If you are unsure, you have the option to buy the system from us at any point. After six years of a contract with us, the panels become yours to own at zero cost.

Price-Match Purchase Solar

Our Free Solar Offer is a great choice for businesses without the capital to invest in solar. If you do wish to buy your solar PV system, we also make this as easy as possible for you. We will price-match any offers of installation you receive on a like-for-like basis. You can be confident that you are getting the right system at the right price.

Why Work With Electron Green?

We have over 30 years in renewable energy and a team of highly skilled professionals who specialise in commercial solar PV installations. Our team works closely with you to assess your needs and develop customised solar solutions that optimise energy generation and maximise the return on investment. Our clients can feel confident they are receiving a tailored energy solution at a competitive rate and with ongoing support.

For more information on solar panel installation for glass-making factories, contact the Electron Green team today.


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