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Solar Panels For Manufacturing Businesses in The UK

Cut carbon emissions by switching to solar PV energy. Find out how to install solar panels on a manufacturing building or plant for free with Electron Green today.

The manufacturing industry is under pressure to cut down on carbon emissions and increase the sustainability of supply chains. The roof space of factories is an under-utilised site which could be generating renewable energy through solar panel systems. As a cost-effective energy solution that can enhance brand image, opting for solar panels can come with advantages for businesses across Europe.

How Do Solar Panels Work For Manufacturing Businesses? 

The manufacturing industry has a large unrealised potential to host on-site solar panel systems to provide renewable energy for the electricity needs of its day-to-day operations, both for light and heavy manufacturing businesses.

Light manufacturing is often carried out in indoor factories to create consumer goods such as clothes, shoes, toys and electronics. It is generally less energy and capital-intensive than heavy manufacturing, but it is more labour-intensive, also creating energy demand to fulfil staff needs. Though it has a smaller polluting footprint than heavy manufacturing businesses, there can be particularly harmful by-products of light manufacturing. Parts of the global industry have embraced ‘lean manufacturing’ to minimise waste and maximise productivity; solar panels can help by reducing carbon emissions.

Heavy manufacturing businesses produce goods that are used in other industrial processes like machinery and equipment and raw materials such as iron and coal. As a capital-intensive process with large-scale use and equipment, there is often unused factory roof space which could be a site for solar panels, as well as the roofs of car parks and staff buildings. By choosing to add solar panels to manufacturing buildings and factories, the industry can help to address the negative public image of environmental harm.

How Can a Manufacturing Business Use Electricity From Solar Panels? 

Our Electron Green solar PV system will deliver electricity directly into your factory and building. Your business will be able to use the low-cost electricity generated by the industrial solar panels first, while staying connected to the grid, so there’s no need to change your existing utility supplier. The cost of your electricity supply from a utility company is comprised of two elements, broadly split as raw electricity (‘commodity price’) and levies, taxes and transmission (‘non commodity price’).

With the electricity supply from the roof, you are only paying for the raw electricity, enabling you to start saving on your electricity bills for your manufacturing business.



While daylight reaches the panels, the solar PV system will continuously supply electricity. Depending on when and how much energy you use, solar can meet up to 40% of your electricity needs and, whether you’re a 24/7 operation of a 9-5 weekday business, we design systems to meet diverse needs.


Why Should My Manufacturing Business Invest In Solar Panels?


There are many important benefits that UK and European businesses can take advantage of by choosing to install solar panels onto the roofs of manufacturing businesses and factories. From an enhanced brand image to affordability, solar PV is the energy solution of the future. With rising energy costs in the UK, this can be more acutely felt by manufacturing businesses and factories, perhaps more so than other, less energy intensive businesses.

solar panels for factories and manufacturers can go a long way in reducing the business’ expenditure and increasing the profits, through saving on energy bills, something industrial solar panels from Electron Green can help with.


Enhance Brand Image


Solar panels create a clean, green and renewable energy source, without burning fossil fuels. By embracing solar energy, your business can reduce its carbon emissions. This is particularly important in the manufacturing industry in the UK as the government aims to achieve Net Zero by 2050. Solar panels are a concrete signal that your factory is promoting environmental sustainability in the industry and supply chains, which can help achieve ESG targets.


Independent Energy


Solar panels provide your factory with a reliable and independent source of energy. In becoming less dependent on the grid, you are insulated from potential disruptions or fluctuation in the energy supply, as well as saving money from peak-time prices. As electricity consumption also rises with the increase in electrification of transport and automation, solar panels also future-proof your supply so future energy needs can be met.




Solar panels can bring down energy bills. The large roof space available at industrial sites creates a significant source of clean energy. As the panels are on-site, it also means less electricity is lost during transmission, creating extra savings through increased efficiency.

Are Industrial Solar Panels Affordable?




Electron Green is stepping in to make solar panels available to all firms with industrial roof space. We are investing up to £1 billion in consulting, installing, and maintaining free solar panels for our clients providing them with low cost electricity at 20p\kWh as of July 2023. And, if you were to take up this offer and then decided later that you wanted to own, that is no problem because you can purchase the panels from us at any point.

If you know at the outs that you want to buy an installed solar system, we make that easy, too. Our commitment is that Electron Green will price-match any installation offers you receive.

While this obviously involves an up-front client spend, for companies with the capital, there is a significant return on investment (ROI). It’s useful to note that the standard manufacturer’s guarantee is 25 years, and a well-maintained system should continue to produce electricity for an additional 10 years. By generating your own clean energy, your manufacturing business can save money and leverage a competitive advantage within your industry, by becoming energy independent and less reliant on the power grid.

How Are Solar Panels Installed On Manufacturing Plants?


Our team conducts an in-depth consultation to understand your energy needs, assess your building profile, and discuss your project and goals. We will perform a detailed site assessment to determine the suitability of your warehouses for solar PV installation, evaluating factors such as roof orientation, tilt, shading and structural integrity to optimise the placement and design.


Based on this thorough assessment, our engineers will develop a detailed and individually tailored system, determining the number of panels, inverters and other necessary components. Importantly, we handle all the necessary paperwork and permit regulations required. Our experienced team ensures compliance with local guidelines, streamlining the process and saving you time and effort.


Once the documentation is in place, our team will begin the process of mounting the panels onto your building’s roofs. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in solar panel installation, guaranteeing a high-quality and efficient process. Once installed, the solar PV system will be connected to your electrical infrastructure. This includes integrating the inverters, wiring and configuring the system to feed the generated electricity into your building’s electrical grid.


After your installation, Electron Green provides a 24/7 care package including all replacement parts, monitoring and operational checks. This is provided free-of-charge with our Free Solar offer, and at a competitive rate for solar installations which are purchased from us.


Why Partner With Electron Green For Industrial Solar Panels?


Electricity is a huge cost for businesses and many have been hit hard by the variability of prices from big energy companies.

Electron Green believes that businesses deserve better. All should be able to make the most of low-cost solar electricity; all should be able to cut their energy bills and their carbon emissions. Our aim is to take down the barriers of time, expertise, and finance that are currently in the way of the widespread adoption of solar.


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Our team of consultants and technicians are here and ready to work in close contact with your business to find the right solar solution to meet your needs.

To talk to our team about how solar can benefit your business, get in touch today.