75% of global GDP is now covered by Net Zero commitments.

A huge transformation is underway.

900% increase in 'green'

Projections for Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in EMEA over the past 5 years.

85% of global electricity

Targeted to come from renewables by 2050.

The largest ever alliance

Cities, countries, businesses and investors have committed to the Race to Zero and achieving net zero by 2050.

Growth of ESG assets

Set to exceed $53 trillion by 2025, a third of all global assets under management.

Electrification with solar

Over one third of new power generation added globally is now solar.

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Portfolio-led solar programmes

With the right expertise, a solar programme can be a rapid reality, and deliver deep carbon reductions every year as well as 'green premium' real estate with clean energy for tenants. Our teams across Europe work with real estate corporate offices and Asset Managers to prioritise solar investments, and deploy solutions at scale with consistent delivery and reporting standards.

Ownership structures

Tenancy terms and leases

Electricity consumption profile

Compliance, legislative and reporting requirements

Grid constraints

Local variations are a fact of life, but centralised methodologies and reporting tools help Central and Country teams to make an easier transition to electrification.

A partnership built around 3 pillars

Strategic Mindset

Strategic Mindset

We build long term relationships that are about optimising value for clients with low carbon programmes implemented at the right time.



Rooftop solar has many stakeholders. We invest significantly in communications to highlight benefits to all parties.



Whether you own the system or we do, Electron Green manages the solar programme from inception to completion with end-to-end excellence.

“ Fully quantifying, assessing, and prioritising the portfolio encompasses a set of multiple demands, considerations and interests. It takes a unique set of skills to deliver strategy and implementation with equal excellence. ”