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Commercial Solar Panels For UK Logistics Centres

Solar panels provide certifiable green energy for every stage of the distribution and transportation process. Logistics Centres in the UK are in the perfect position to benefit from the cheap and sustainable electricity provided by solar panel systems. So, if you have ample roof space on your commercial logistics centre, installing solar panels could offer a number of benefits that are worth exploring. Take a look.

What Is Classified As A Logistics Centre?

Logistics centres are warehouses that offer storage space and manage the distribution of goods between locations. Some logistic centres simply move goods from one location to the next, while others provide a more extended role in the supply chain through picking and packing, fulfilling, and shipping orders to their final destination. Logistics centres can also be automated to run more efficiently.

How Do Solar Panels Work For Logistics Centres?

Solar panels provide clean, green energy for the energy needs of Logistics Centres. Transportation in and out of the centre requires energy, as does running the warehouse itself, through lights, electricity, and in some cases refrigeration or air conditioning. Solar panels provide renewable energy for the centre’s electricity needs. While daylight reaches the panels, the solar PV system will continuously supply electricity. Depending on when and how much energy you use, solar can meet up to 40% of your electricity needs.

Our solar PV system delivers electricity directly into your building. Your business uses the low-cost electricity generated by the solar panels first while staying connected to the grid, so you don’t need to change your existing utility supplier. Receiving energy from panels on-site will also provide a more efficient supply of electricity. The cost of your electricity supply from a utility company is comprised of two elements, broadly split as raw electricity (‘commodity price’) and levies, taxes, and transmission (‘ non-commodity price’). With the electricity supply from the roof, and if you have a free solar system from Electron Green, you are only paying for the raw electricity.

As logistics centres and depots often have large roofs, they are well placed to benefit from solar panels. Adding solar panels to the roof also does not require planning permission, making it a simple solution to add to renewable credentials to your supply chain.

Why Should I Invest In Solar PV Energy?

Solar PV offers commercial building owners numerous benefits including energy independence, reduced energy bills and more. It can, therefore, be well worth considering installing solar panels onto your UK logistics centre if you have the roof space to do so.


Solar panels can bring down energy bills. Installing a solar PV system on a large depot roof creates a significant source of clean energy, which can be used instead of grid electricity. This means your business is protected from electricity price rises or peak-time costs. For warehouses with automation, this can create even greater future savings. If Electron Green has installed the solar system for free, we ensure that the electricity it provides is cheaper than grid electricity As the panels are on-site, it also means less electricity is lost during transmission, creating extra savings creating extra savings of carbon through more efficient energy which is better for our environment.

Environmentally Positive

Solar panels create a clean, green and renewable energy source, without burning fossil fuels. By opting for solar energy your business can significantly reduce its carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions. This is particularly significant in the UK as logistics centres rely heavily on trucks which generate high emissions. It also shows consumers that you are making a change, leading the way for supply chains and the international logistics sector to become sustainable. Solar panels are a tangible and effective way to prove environmental sustainability and improve your brand image.

Energy Independence

Solar panels can provide logistics centres with a reliable and independent source of energy. In becoming less dependent on the grid, your business is insulated from potential disruptions or fluctuations in the energy supply. As well as saving money from peak-time prices, this provides peace of mind. As more fleets are becoming electric, solar panels also future-proof your transport network to ensure energy needs can be met.

Is My Logistics Centre Suitable For Solar Panels?

Logistics centres such as UK warehouses and depots are largely well-suited for solar PV. Flat and low-sloping roofs are optimal for installing solar panels as they maximise exposure to the sun and allow straightforward installation. South-facing roofs are generally the best, but East and West facing roofs also generate significant solar energy, and Electron Green will consider in detail the specific orientation of each building.

Electron Green will ensure that your logistics centre is fitted with the right solar system for its size and location, placing your best interests first. Electron Green has an experienced consulting team who are involved in the details from the beginning of the process, ensuring that our expertise and technical knowledge is passed on from the outset in advising your logistics business.

After carrying out a consultation to understand your energy needs, processes, and budget, we will design an individual solar solution to align with your business. Our experts will then carry out a site assessment to evaluate your buildings’ roof systems, considering orientation, tilt, shading, and structural integrity.

From this detailed assessment, our engineers will develop a system design, finalising mainly the number of solar panels and inverters to maximise your source of renewable energy. At the same time, the consulting team will handle all the paperwork and local regulations to ensure there are no barriers to clean energy.

A skilled team of technicians mount the solar panels onto the rooftop or in some cases open areas. With our free solar business model, Electron Green is only paid once the solar panels start delivering electricity, so every interest is aligned to provide a durable and efficient system. We ensure rigorous testing and provide ongoing maintenance, even where the solar panels have been provided free of charge to the logistics centre. Our mission is to take down the barriers stopping commercial businesses from benefitting from cheap, renewable electricity.

Is It Expensive To Install Solar Panels On Logistics Centres?

Renewable energy does not need to be expensive. Electron Green is singular in offering Free Solar: we will pay for everything: surveys, solar panels, installation, insurance and maintenance. Your logistics centre will only pay us for the solar electricity that you use, at 20p/kWh as of July 2023, below the grid electricity price.

This is a fantastic offer for businesses without the upfront capital to make sustainable changes. However, you will be able to purchase the solar system from us at any time and enjoy free solar electricity.

If your business would like to own its solar PV system from the start, Electron Green will price match any offers of solar installation on a like-to-like basis. That way, you know that you are receiving the right system at the best price. To find out more, complete the 60-second solar assessment on our website.

Why Choose Electron Green?

Electron Green is the best partner for solar in the UK. We have over thirty years of experience in the renewable sector and a dynamic team of highly skilled professionals who specialise in solar panels for commercial businesses. We recognise that every building is different, which is why we work closely from the start to ensure the right solar is being put in place.

We are investing up to £1 Billion to provide free solar installations and low-cost electricity, because we want to kickstart a change across the UK towards solar energy, and we believe that the potential of warehouses, depots and logistics centres is being overlooked.

For more information on solar panel installation, contact us today.